The "Yogya"

Every individual is Yogya in some talent (Yogyata). Every innovation needs a Yogya team. Yogya people also need the right direction to succeed and extract the optimum output of his talent. 

We are building a product model that facilitates students and professionals to get the right mentorship. The last mile finishing decides your victory. So, we are building a large group of mentors to conduct mentorship programs in different formats. New innovative formats will evolve as we progress in our journey to make people identify their right Yogyata and be a Yogya player in the game that they choose to play. 

We are conducting rigorous workshops in college campuses designed to deliver practical training to students. Along with our internal mentors, we collaborate with a number of successful industry leaders to mentor students. This allows students to understand the expectations of a workplace and learn by simulating real challenges and problem-solving exercises. 

Key Points About the Workshop

  • Conducted by industry leaders from top product companies (e.g., Amazon, Microsoft, Paytm, Intuit, 1mg, Flipkart, etc.)

  • Training content and structure are totally based on actual learning by leaders in the workplace. 

  • After the training, we conduct an assessment and all students scoring above average gets offline mentorship for job search

  • We help students create a strong profile and send it to companies with our recommendation. 

Product Vision

The "Leadership Talk"

We are leaders. We work with leaders. We work for leaders.

Potterbox is working on an innovative product where we plan to capture the opinion of various leaders and let it act as a virtual coach for the leadership fraternity. Stay tuned for a detailed product note!