What we offer

We believe in consistently improving our skills to help our clients with more services, automation, and products. 

Talent Hiring

Each Talent Hiring assignment is customized to the specific objectives and dynamics of your business requirements. 


We have a team of Senior Industry Professionals who would meet you to understand the requirements. 


Our commitment to you does not end when we place a candidate. Success is not simply the placement but rather the long-term business impact a great Talent can have. Our Accelerated Integration program goes far beyond onboarding by fully immersing the new hire into your business, team dynamics, and culture to get Talent/Leaders off to their best start. As the journey continues, we can help to unlock the potential in individuals, teams, and organizations. We assure you an Experience worth Trying! Let us begin the Talent Partnership by inviting us for a meeting. 

What all we do

  • Executive Search

  • Niche Mandate

  • Volume Hiring

  • Customised Business Consulting

  • End to end execution for Campus Hiring

Product hiring is our key strength. We not only source the right candidates for our client but also do a deep screening before recommending anyone.  On the other hand, we mentor folks to grab good opportunities in the PM space. We mentor candidates on various parameters, some of them are listed below. 


  1. Basics of Product Management

  2. Day in the life of a Product Manager

  3. Leadership traits

  4. Stakeholder Management

  5. Metrics-driven decision making 

  6. Writing PRDs/Narratives. 

  7. Customer Obsession 

  8. Interview training on various competencies 

Product Hiring

Product Workshop

We have interacted with many engineers who wanted to grab a PM job but never got the opportunity. While interacting with engineers in IITs, we met 50+ folks in one batch who wants to be a PM. However, they don't have the right clarity about the roles and responsibilities of a PM. So, they are actually not sure whether it's the right career for them or not. 

We conduct workshops in premier colleges to help them understand the PM role deeply and then choose their career path. We mentor them to crack the right job and perform well at work place. 

When a student joins an engineering college, most of them are mainly aware of subjects that they need to study for scoring well. Unfortunately, many are totally unaware of the engineering career that they have to choose from. When they pass out, the primary goal for many remains a bigger salary package, company brand and not about the right function to choose. E.g., if a company offers more salary for a QA role, they get influenced; those who are actually not that good at coding joins a coding job; some are simply excited to join the Product Management function without knowing that career deeply. 

We conduct workshops by bringing successful industry leaders who share their own success story, mistakes, & challenges. The workshop model gives an exhaustive feel of how a function looks like in an organization and help them practice case studies and modules in an extremely practical manner. 

Engineering Workshop

Campus Hiring

Hiring fresh brains from college is an integral part of talent building. By understanding your company, we create the right pool of campuses to do yearly campus hiring. 

We drive it end to end, starting from campus empanelment, conducting tests and initial screening and joinings. Besides direct hiring activities, we also conduct inter-college hackathons on your behalf which is a great source of identifying special talents.